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Mario Tama has new work about poverty in Appalachia that echos the same passion-for-place as his extensive body of imagery from New Orleans.

It’s interesting these photos show both Southern poverty as well as hometown reality in a way that isn’t sneering or point grabbing. I’ve lived in this part of the country and know how poor portions of it are. Tama gives a side of dignity with his truth.

via MSNBC PhotoBlog

(credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images Top photo caption: The Taylor family waits to attend the start of the Owsley County High School prom on on April 21 in Booneville, Ky. Bottom photo caption:Brittany Brewer fixes her gown on April 21 as she prepares for the Owsley County High School prom next to a wood stove in the home where she lives with her grandmother in Booneville, Ky.)

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