Faces of Bush

Bag’s Take-Away:

Different angles on photojournalism, and faces of Bush.

via:wsbtv photo-story.


I was looking at the photos from the White House portrait unveiling yesterday, and how insightful a photo can be. Above we have Bush with Bush by AP’s Charles Dharapak. That’s the Bush we’re familiar with, the body language like a goof. He’s also looking washed out since the Oval Office days. Some might see evidence of hitting the sauce.


In marked contrast, this is a quite a rare shot of Bush by AP’s Carolyn Kaster. It offers Dubya not only  not looking like a goof, but appearing reflective even, wistful. And where was he the whole time?

…Maybe there’s some recognition in Bush’s reaction about how portrait’s lie, the painting — representing a gravitas he never achieved — burying the smirk forever.

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