Bag’s Take-Away:

Magnum photographer Alex Webb has some pretty cool photos of Treece, Kansas at The New York Times Magazine. Treece is now an abandoned town deemed toxic due to nearby mining industries. There’s a Chernobyl quality to Webb’s work: heavy and atmospheric. But one of my favorites is the bottom photo of a magazine left behind in a demolished building. “I’m pregnant but I’m virgin.” Sort of like the Reece, Kansas residents: getting screwed without the fun part.

via The New York Times Magazine

(credit: Alex Webb/ Magnum caption top photo: The last vacant house in an almost-empty town awaits demolition. caption bottom photo: The K.D.H.E. hired wrecking crews to demolish the last few buildings in town. Among other concerns, they feared meth dealers would set up labs in empty homes, which is what happened years earlier when Picher was abandoned.)

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