Bag’s Take-Away:

Because I am partisan, I should be upset at photos like those in the Gitta Seiler’s photo essay “Girls in Trouble”. The two above come from the “Aborted” section and take a particular and close look at two young women in an abortion clinic for underage girls in St. Petersburg. One communicates the carelessness and narcissism of one girl in the clinic: she slouches on a bed applying make-up to her admittedly beautiful face. Her dress is stylish. Just another day for her.

The second photo again captures youth but underlines youth’s inherent vulnerability as a more matronly, thicker woman leads a young girl wearing only her shirt with her rear exposed to the world. These careless and too-young women appear to be in abortion mill. But that’s just American-speak. I look at them closely and feel glad neither of them are forced to be mothers at a young age. That’s flip-side-of-the-coin American speak and, if anything, it tells you how loaded these images are for nearly anyone in our country.

via The New Yorker Photobooth

(credit: Gitta Seiler Shared caption: Abortion clinic for underage women, St. Petersburg, 2000)

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